We believe in the power of good design

Quality of thinking
improves quality of life.

Good design has the power to solve problems, reveal potential and improve lives.

It’s a simple principle and we’ve used it since day one: it inspires our creativity; it pushes us to become continually better; it enhances lives.

We measure the quality of our design thinking by the improvements we make to the lives of the people we work with.


A better life through design begins here

Not only do we think it is possible to design a ‘better life’, we have a dedicated approach to making it happen.

Our ‘better life’ approach involves collaboration. Fundamental to getting a design right is that we get our information right. We take the time to discover what they take for granted, what they value, how they aspire to live and how they love to relax. It is this process of discovery, as we walk through ‘a day in the life’ in all its tonality and seasonal variation, that anchors our design process in an idea of ‘better living’.

It’s only by getting to know you that can we truly work with you to enhance your way of living.


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Three showrooms and
not a salesperson in sight

Our designers are trained to a much higher level than most. It means we can take an architectural design approach, creating light, space and enjoyment by intelligently intersecting lifestyle aspirations with an interior layout. And rather than trust salespeople to the most important part of the process, our designers step up, engaging with our clients from the outset, then supporting them on every step of the journey.

Every scratch tells a story.

The displays in our showrooms aren’t preened and polished prima donnas. We use them, and we encourage our clients to try them out. It allows our clients to make better informed decisions, and it allows us to demonstrate better design in practice.

That’s why our showroom kitchens sometimes show their scratches and scuff marks – their patina develops as it would in a home because we use them as they are intended. It’s a look we think is practically perfect. Every imperfection is a mark of love; a tell-tale sign of our passion for living and enjoying life. This is how we think kitchens, bathrooms and homes should be: beautiful to look at; even better to experience.

One home.
One life.
One approach to improve both.

We add value in ways that are unique to us.

We combine our professional expertise, experience and design-centred vision with our curiosity about what’s personal and meaningful to our clients.

All our staff are highly qualified professional designers, which grounds them in the sophisticated arts of the aesthetic and the technical. Our ‘better life’ philosophy further elevates our focus toward the cultural, social and personal connections that create designs that feel as good as they look.


True to our planet.

We believe that good design holds sustainability at its heart, and that sustainability is an obligation owed to our planet. A sustainable design is not tied to fashion or even to luxury, but to quality and to lasting enjoyment. A Day True design represents more than just value for money, it represents our value system.

The architecture that we love best in London endures; the Victorian terraces, Georgian townhouses, the public and private parks and squares we continue to inhabit, were all well considered in their time and are inclined, still, towards elegance. Their continuing relevance is a perfect example of the timeless philosophy we employ in our design thinking.

The work we do honours tradition as it embraces modernity. We care about the provenance of the ideas that we reference as much as the materials we use and the products that we source.

Sustainability flows naturally through every aspect of our work.