We don’t sell boxes, we sell spaces

Design without walls

Moving walls, changing structures, dividing, multiplying, adding, subtracting – show us your home and we can show you how to maximise every inch of it. By layering our design thinking with the exclusive brands, finishes and products we choose to work with, we can transform how your space moves you – in every sense of the word.


We think differently.

Our approach is more inclusive than most, which sometimes causes confusion about where we draw our boundaries. Simply put, what we include in our primary focus is all the fixtures and the fittings – all the bits that, were you to turn a house upside-down and shake it, would stay put. This includes the lights and the floorboards, the mirrors and the carpet.

For some of the rest, we might direct you to our e-store collected.daytrue.com. Here we have carefully curated a range of home-related accessories from a variety of design houses. We take care to collect only those items that reflect our wider design philosophy; some among them, no doubt, destined to be the heirlooms of the future.

We find it’s hard to draw precise boundaries, however, because we understand that it is all the fixed and moving parts, together, that help to build a life and make a home. We aim, with that in mind, to keep our thinking flexible and to tailor it individually to each and every project.


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We are flexible.

One room at a time or all together, we design, specify and supply all that is necessary for the finished project – it’s all a part of our process. We can also arrange installation via our ‘tried and true’ band of associated contractors.

And if you’re a developer, interior designer or architect, we have a service to suit you.