Angel Cake Tin: The delight of this bakeware

top view of angel cake tin

Sometime way back in the day of pre-pandemia I spent a ‘look-see’ day in a Day True kitchen showroom, arriving alongside an untraceable package containing an Angel Food Cake tin (or ‘tube pan’, in USian terminology). Most present on that day couldn’t make sense of this strangely shaped mould – with its straight deep sides, … Read more

Car Crash Chicken with Onions (a recipe)

January’s Car Crash started with a real time demonstration of Tony’s New Year Resolution that being bang on time for every appointment was so last year! Which is to say that when we went ‘live’ at 6.30pm, nobody but Chloe was aware that the camera was now rolling –Tony having nipped downstairs in the meantime, … Read more

Car Crash with a Chance of Meatballs

or: Searching for Stanley (Part 2) Let’s tell it like it is: Tony was hard to pin down for a time, a place, or any specifics of the part he intended to play in the pre-prep he suggested ‘we’ could do in order that this Car Crash Cooking Live (Festive Special Edition) might sound like ‘a … Read more