Angel Cake Tin: The delight of this bakeware

top view of angel cake tin

Sometime way back in the day of pre-pandemia I spent a ‘look-see’ day in a Day True kitchen showroom, arriving alongside an untraceable package containing an Angel Food Cake tin (or ‘tube pan’, in USian terminology). Most present on that day couldn’t make sense of this strangely shaped mould – with its straight deep sides, … Read more

A kitchen for couples | How to prepare for Valentine’s

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, playing an important role in precious family time as well as one-on-one time with your partner. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just want a special night-in at home, design your kitchen to suit every occasion. Determine the functional zones We … Read more

Why batch cooking and vacuum storage work hand in hand

For many of us, we start to think about our goals and aspirations throughout January. These can be small and personal or larger lifetime ambitions- no matter the size, they will always be unique to you. For some of our readers, 2023 may be your year to focus on your health to improve your diet … Read more

Steam Vs Microwave | Which is better for your kitchen?

At Day True, we help you to choose the right appliance, ensuring that it fulfils your needs and requirements. This all depends on what you like to cook and how you like to cook it. Is a steam oven or microwave more convenient for you? Steam ovens Steam ovens our directors Tony & Hayley’s preferred … Read more

What goes with Grey Kitchen cabinets?

Grey kitchens are popular because they are timeless. There are lots of different shade variations of grey and people generally paint their walls in a lighter colour, especially in an open-plan kitchen-living-dining area where it is one of the main sociable spaces.   When choosing grey, you want to create some contrast between your wall colour, … Read more

How To Get The Perfect Shaker Kitchen Design For Your Home 

What is a shaker kitchen? A shaker kitchen refers to the door style, and in most cases, a shaker is a framed door. A lot have a raised edge panel, with a lowered centre panel, creating a frame. Coming in different variations, the size of the frame can differ dependent on the design. Some can … Read more

Gingerbread in the Village (a recipe)

Thanks to our lovely visitors in Wimbledon Village last Sunday – we had a whirlwind of a day celebrating #christmasinthevillage @wimbledonvillage, and hope all those who participated and enjoyed the sessions we hosted with @villageschoolofdance @monkeymusic_wimbledon and #wimbledonbabysitting. The gingerbread we were offering – freshly made in house in our working display kitchens – flew … Read more