Shoreditch Loft

This freshly refurbished loft represents many of Day True’s values: a progressive and simple design that blend in the environment and enhances its architecture.

This was part of a full house project renovation and the client wanted to completely re-organize its structure. The large open space presented dual height aspect windows and a huge amount of natural light.
High ceiling and minimal concrete walls symbolized the starting point for this endeavour, using design as the mean to create decoration and play with the environment, creating clever ways to add space to it.

We repositioned the staircase to increase the mezzanine level to add an additional bedroom. Together, we decided to use exposed fittings, making them a feature. An additional utility space was created and the continuous resin floor replaced the original one.
We then added some bespoke wooden doors in the kitchen to add some warmth to the scenario. Ultimately working in hand with our clients, we decided to add Brazilian blocks in the showers with industrial looks and fittings.

Ultimately, as they loved art, they wanted something simple and neat to showcase their own artwork and style, loving the finish and the details we provided with it.

A perfect example of making better lives through progressive design.