Fulham is an open plan SW10 kitchen, with solid wood doors which feature our classic in-frame bead detailing. With the beauty of our bespoke range, you have the flexibility to extend your kitchen cabinetry to the ceiling, creating an illusion of a bigger space.

The client really enjoys cooking and wanted a functional space with lots of storage, therefore the design includes a lot of shelfs, drawers, and additional internal accessories such as peg boards and spice racks.

The island worktop is formed of two different materials. One half of the worktop is quartz, being an area perfect to chop and prepare food, and the other is a solid wood from Spekva. Unlike quartz, which is quite cold to the touch, the wood adds warmth to the breakfast bar area to make it a comfortable space to eat and socialise. The wood also matches the open shelf, tying the room together.

Adding a ‘wow’ factor, the design includes a pantry and a bar with a piece of quartz, complimenting the island. The doors can be kept open, being an area to make cocktails and to entertain guests- it’s great for the party season.