Chelsea Loft

For this compact apartment in the heart of Chelsea the brief was simple: to redesign the kitchen and the existing wetroom, change the layout of the living room and create a brand new bathroom.
The client, a property developer, presented us the flat as a white canvas in which we needed to start from scratch, still meeting all the building regulations as a listed dwelling. As a top floor flat, the windows were not shadowed by other buildings so we wanted to make the most out of the natural light available by keeping a natural and soft color palette.

The idea for the kitchen was to keep it as open plan, switching its original position to the opposite wall without making it the focal point of the room, so we opted for a handless look and pocket doors. The marble worktop allowed us to add an element of uniqueness and keep the a neutral color range at the same time.

The main bathroom, located in the mezzanine, then created a contemporary and modern look to the space and helped to create a continuity with the living room, thanks to a substantial window at the center, making it the brighter room in the flat.

The brand new utility bathroom and laundry area, a former terrace, added both space and value to the property, giving the apartment practicality without influencing its design layout.