Chloe August 8, 2022

Every love story comes to an end- goodbye Maida Vale

    Every love story comes to an end… some happy, some sad. We have unfortunately made the decision to turn off the lights and wave goodbye to our Maida Vale showroom due to a serious flood last year and a lack of support from the insurance company. We will miss the local community and the friends we have made along the way, but the Day True journey is not over. We have showrooms in Chelsea and Wimbledon Village, and we will open in a new location soon. Please continue...

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Sam Bruce July 7, 2022

Car Crash Cooking on Tour – Vzug

  Car Crash Cooking is going on tour. Next weeks Car Crash Cooking will be hosted in the V-zug showroom on Thursday 14th July, we will be going live at 6.30pm on Instagram @day_true. Tune in to join Tony and Sam cooking a tasty sea bass recipe, if you are a Car Crash Cooking regular then get your questions ready and pour yourself a drink to take part in what is set to be ‘one not to miss’.    

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Sam Bruce July 7, 2022

Ashley’s Favourite Project

Find out what Ashley’s favourite kitchen project from 2021 is by watching her overview here. See how she took inspiration from the clients desire to connect their interior space to their exterior. The colour palette is an obvious place to begin, but beyond this there is texture and light and a whole environment to consider. In this kitchen we have added floor tiles that mimic wood grain, backsplash tiling that reflects the movement of natural light, and task lights that shade, soften, and direct the focus beyond daylight – in...

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Sam Bruce February 9, 2022

Car Crash Crushes

The pandemic lockdown experience gifted some of us rare opportunity to develop a few lockdown crushes on a fair few ‘hot chefs’ – as observed in their home kitchens and stripped bare of their ‘whites’ (see our #chefsinrealkitchens series of blogposts for further details). And, with apologies if it disappoints to reveal, the ‘hot’ in this context refers strictly to culinary prowess – no chefs were observed actually naked! Latterly, having entered the vortex that is reality TV, US style – your correspondent’s been living it large and increasingly dramatic...

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Sam Bruce February 4, 2022

Car Crash Chicken with Onions (a recipe)

January’s Car Crash started with a real time demonstration of Tony’s New Year Resolution that being bang on time for every appointment was so last year! Which is to say that when we went ‘live’ at 6.30pm, nobody but Chloe was aware that the camera was now rolling –Tony having nipped downstairs in the meantime, to find his ‘stage presence’ and ‘powder his nose’. The lucky viewers who tuned in on time were treated to random off screen chat, accompanied by a beautifully composed shot of prepped and ready ingredients...

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Sam Bruce December 14, 2021

Car Crash with a Chance of Meatballs

or: Searching for Stanley (Part 2) Let’s tell it like it is: Tony was hard to pin down for a time, a place, or any specifics of the part he intended to play in the pre-prep he suggested ‘we’ could do in order that this Car Crash Cooking Live (Festive Special Edition) might sound like ‘a good idea’. I was, to say the least, reluctant – I may even have told him that his baby was going to be ugly. I sure as hell pointed out that there were easier alternatives...

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Sam Bruce December 6, 2021

Gingerbread in the Village (a recipe)

Thanks to our lovely visitors in Wimbledon Village last Sunday – we had a whirlwind of a day celebrating #christmasinthevillage @wimbledonvillage, and hope all those who participated enjoyed the sessions we hosted with @villageschoolofdance @monkeymusic_wimbledon and #wimbledonbabysitting. The gingerbread we were offering – freshly made in house in our working display kitchens – flew out like hot cakes! We had so many requests to share the recipe that we’re sharing our ‘quick and dirty’ scribblings of the ingredients and method used (full words and more legible typescript available from our...

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Sam Bruce October 5, 2021

Our True Planet!

Sustainability is at the forefront of peoples minds when making choices about what they are going to buy. At Day True we are equally conscious about the impact our decisions are having on the planet, which is why we choose our suppliers and products with this in mind. We support this because we believe in saving and supporting our planet and we have started our own initiative called ‘Our True Planet’ where we will be regularly sharing tips and products that will make a difference to the way you live...

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Sam Bruce August 6, 2021

Searching For Stanley

Car Crash Risotto Milanese As far as Tony is concerned, the search started in Rome with a chance viewing of Episode Two. He shared the news via a (linked) headline: “Stanley Tucci: the flirty hero of foodie TV you need in your life” – together with a note that I was “going to love this”. As far as I was concerned, the search began when notes started dropping from abroad, early this year, that this series was very much on the US food-world’s radar – they were stanning our man...

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Sam Bruce August 4, 2021

Choc chip cookies: a recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of the generosity of a certain Cyril Lignac (@cyril_lignac), responding to an early case of a lockdown blues by doing what he’s best known for (baking sweet stuff), and – with the aid of his iphone – streaming the session Live from his Paris apartment – for the benefit of all those locked in at home who cared to join him, seeking consolation, connection, comfort and – of course! – cookies. It was the charmingly analogue, amateur precursor for what eventually became a hugely popular national...

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