How can we give you a better life?

How? you may well ask! Our aim at Day True is to design you a kitchen that takes into account all the skills and habits you already know about yourself but may not have thought too much about, or thought that we would be interested to ask about. What’s the first corner of the room that you turn to in the morning? What’s the limit that tests your last nerve at the end of a day? And, in between those two extremes, a host of mundane, humane, glorious detail we absolutely want – and need – to know.

We know that people expect us to be the experts and advisers on the normal nuts and bolts – the furniture, appliances, aesthetics and accessories; the timing and the price – and for us these elements are a given. But a kitchen that is truly tailor-made for you must also be fitted around the objects and habits that make you and yours unique – with a little room left beside for some ambition or anxiety for the future.

There is temptation to think that we will change ourselves to suit a new kitchen – that a ‘better self’ will be unearthed because the furniture requires it, because someone else is expert on how lives should be lived or edited and has made this ‘right’. But here’s the thing, a truly great kitchen design – one that will make your life better while accommodating all the elements you already hold dear – requires extremes of curiosity and care that only the very best design team will pride themselves in bringing to your table. We are that team, and we will make your life ‘better’, because we care to explore a level of detail that makes living ’better’ possible.