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Insight and creativity underpinned
by rock-solid rigour

Like any creative process, much of what we do is based on experience, instinct and inspiration. But beneath our flair and passion for the life-enhancing benefits of great design lies a certain rigour: a proven methodology to help us arrive at the perfect point where our suggestions and ideas fulfil your expectations and desires.


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We start by getting to know you.

Over a coffee (or a glass of our very own Gin) in one of our showrooms. Here we talk about timescales, budget and stages of readiness. Feel free to bring drawings, clippings or an iPad full of your ideas. We’ll explore some ‘musts’ and ‘likes’ and we’ll want to know more about how you like to live. This will help us put together an initial proposal that includes our first design thoughts and suggestions. We’ll also present some guide pricing along with any other information that we think you might find useful.

Its all about the space.

The next stage is a visit to your home or site to get accurate measurements and gather any further information necessary for the intricacies of the design stage. We’ll work up ideas from here and when the perfect option is agreed we’ll start to develop it in detail.


It’s at this stage that our designers allow their creativity to take flight – creating detailed layouts and elevations, with colour visuals, lighting plans and mood boards, as well as sourcing sample key materials for you to touch and feel. If you’re using our installation and fit-out service, we’ll agree a scope of work and provide you with a price. We’ll also invite you to “try before you buy” and feel the technology of the appliances in use, so that you can make fully informed choices and decisions.


Our Design Service breaks down into
6 Simple Steps:


Getting to know you

Tell us about your project – over a coffee
(or our very own Gin) in one of our showrooms.


Initial design proposal

Design thoughts and guide pricing.


Get down to the detail

Working ideas, solutions to scale, then once
agreed developed in detail.


Plans, visuals, mood-boards and materials

Our designers create detailed plans and elevations
with colour visuals, lighting plans and mood boards.


Site survey

A full technical site check before your final sign off.


Client Relationship Team

A team approach to making sure that everything
happens when it should, and that communications
with you are regular and thorough.

Three showrooms and
not a salesperson in sight