Ashley’s Favourite Project

Find out what Ashley’s favourite kitchen project from 2021 is by watching her overview here. See how she took inspiration from the clients desire to connect their interior space to their exterior.

The colour palette is an obvious place to begin, but beyond this there is texture and light and a whole environment to consider. In this kitchen we have added floor tiles that mimic wood grain, backsplash tiling that reflects the movement of natural light, and task lights that shade, soften, and direct the focus beyond daylight – in service of both practicality and mood. And these are just for starters.

⁠Biophilia is a part of design language that references a human affinity with all things natural – it is an element in design that has been especially studied by our designers and is an element we naturally enjoy incorporating into our design thinking. If you would like to learn more about biophilia please click here.

You can take a further look at all the images from the project in our portfolio.